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'Here Without Harambe' on the Four-Year Anniversary of His Passing

I can't believe this was four years ago. In a roundabout way, this is actually what started me on my way to getting a job at Barstool, so it's pretty crazy to watch this back now and think about it. I think at one point my friend and I counted up all the different versions of this song people had done and all told, there had been somewhere near 20 million views of it, which is insane.

But we will never forget the injustice done to our young king Harambe and the legacy he left during his short time with us on this Earth. We know he is up there in the clouds watching over us and all the other gorillas, making sure no more harm is done.

We will always remember Harambe, if in no other forms than tie dye t-shirts and re-written 3 Doors Down songs. May he rest in peace.