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No Big Deal Or Anything But 1 In 5 College Kids Will Get "Exploding Head Syndrome"



If your reaction is “Um, what?” that’s pretty much ours, too.

Exploding head syndrome is a “psychological phenomenon in which (people) are awakened by abrupt loud noises, even the sensation of an explosion in their head,” according to a report in the WSU News. And it’s more common than researchers had thought, according to a study done by Brian Sharpless, an assistant professor and director of the university psychology clinic at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.

His research, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, found that nearly one in five — 18% — of college students interviewed said they had experienced it at least once.

It tends to happen while going to sleep and is mostly harmless, but pretty scary if it’s happening to you. And, according to the study, it can result in clinical consequences such as feelings of distress and/or impairment. The study recommends more research should be done.


Ummm look scientists not to tell you how to do your job or anything, but was there really no other term you could call this condition? Just had to settle on Exploding Head Syndrome? I mean I can read. I looked over all the information and I know that this is basically just intense headaches and hearing things briefly. But you’ve heard of the internet right? You have some sort of grasp of how information spreads these days? It’s all blog posts and 140 character Twitter blurbs. Nobody opens that shit up, they just digest what they see and move on to the next thing in their feed or timeline. Seriously look at my headline up there. I’m going to tweet this link out and 18% of my followers are going to shit themselves and pass out thinking their head is going to literally explode at some point soon. Is that irresponsible of me, yes, but you named it that, so it’s on you. I’m the one fighting for clicks here not you.