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The Tampa Bay Lightning Just Released the Coolest Video Ever to Celebrate Hockey Coming Back

Now that's good stuff.

Regardless of the fact that Tampa will probably get bounced in the first round — which is now actually a round before the real first round — after having a fantastic regular season again, this is a fantastic video. And contrary to virtually every single news story to come out the state ever, Florida doesn't look like too bad of a place to live, as long as you make a couple million dollars per year.

I generally hate all things having to do with water that is not in a pool, but damn it, this makes me really want to hop on a jet ski right now. It is impossible to not look cool as shit and have a fantastic time on a jet ski. In the words of Daniel Tosh, "'Money doesn’t buy happiness.' Do you live in America? Because it buys a WaveRunner. Have you ever seen a sad person on a WaveRunner?"

But I'm glad to see the players are just as ready to get back to playing as we are to seeing them play. It would be pretty easy for many of them to just have said shut it down, not risk anything and get ready for next season, but everybody seems ready to go as soon as that's possible.

We've got the Stanley Cup Playoffs on deck, baby. The boys are back.