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Thinking About Buying Madden 21? Think Again!

EA Sports baby! It's in the game! What's exactly in the game you may ask? Not real life player IQ, but absolute fucking bullshit is in the game! Since I'm locked down in NY and can't come home to grab NFL 2K5, NFL Street 2, or NCAA 14(the only good football games left), the only game I can play is Madden 20. Madden 20 is also up there with Madden 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 as the worst Madden in history. I would rather have my first born have the same condition as me than for him/her to work for EA Sports.

In what fucking world would this situation happen? 3 WR's against a DB and Safety. You'd think since 3 players would collide into each other, one of the WR's would just use his hands that God gave him to snatch the ball and score a game winning touchdown, right? Not on EA Sports watch! Why not mash the triangle button 40 fucking times to catch the ball when you can just let it bounce of your head and juggle it into the endzone! And THEN drop it! This game wasn't important to me anyways! I'm only down 4 with 30 seconds to go against my best friend that would secure bragging rights! Now I have to turn off the PS4 knowing I'm a loser and wait till the next day since my friend and I have different schedules! That's another point that shows EA doesn't care about their fans!


You know what the worst part about this is? It's the fact that this shit is going to happen in Madden 21 when we all buy it. EA Sports does not care about the quality of gameplay. As long as they're racking up some fat stacks from microtransactions, Ultimate Team, and host tournaments where you can run the ball every play and win thousands of dollars, they could care less about you! You know what is also terrible about this? It's the fact I've caught a 30 yard pass from Steve Young during my ball boy days when the Colts played the Jets on MNF in 2015. If I can catch a pass from that man, why can't a fucking NFL WR catch one from Stevie? If only John Madden played this game, he'd know how terrible this game is. Shame on you, EA Sports.