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The Boys Are Back In Town And Buzzing Around Tampa On Jetskis

Hockey is back. The boys are back. And the Tampa Bay Lightning are buzzing around Tampa on their jetskis. Things are starting to feel normal again. Content Creator/Instagram Influencer/Forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Alex Killorn, released a video earlier today to his twitter page of the Tampa Bay Lightning reenacting the scene in D2 of the Mighty Ducks skating around Minny getting the team back together. Obviously, instead of rollerblading through a strip mall like the kids in D2 did, the biceeeeee down in Tampa had to put their own Tampa spin on things and decided to just rip jetskis around the entire city. 

One thing I have learned from this quarantine - is there a better place to play in the NHL than Tampa? Loaded roster, can drive your jetski to the rink, everyone lives on a sick island and the weather is basically perfect throughout the season. 

This is easy to say now but i'm sure i'll regret it when the B's and Lightning are squaring off in the playoffs but the Lightning seem like they have the biggest bunch of beauties on their roster. Would love to crush some beers with those guys. The NHL needs more of this shit.