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Step x Step FitCheck 5/28: Two-A-Days

Weight Update: 292.5 lbs

Haven't blogged much about my weight loss journey since I've had the surgery so I figured I'd hop back on the blog with it even though I won't be cleared to do more intensive workouts for three weeks. I had been walking at least 3 miles everyday but yesterday I decided to kick it up to 5 miles. I do believe that diet is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight (especially for the heavier set fellas like myself) but I figured why not put in a lil extra work if I have some time in the afternoon. Sure as hell can't hurt. I've also been rocking the hoodie in this warmer weather to get myself to sweat more and burn more calories. Doing two-a-days for a big guy is definitely upping my laundry game but fuck it I'm staying at my parent's house right now during quarantine so I can probably finesse my mom into doing it for me. What a sweet woman my mother is. Shouts to Christine. Anyways, I think putting all the little things together is what makes the big things happen for you. That's not just with a fat guy trying to lose weight but really with anybody trying to accomplish a specific goal in their life. At the end of the day for me it's not just a diet and working out. It's an overall lifestyle change. I appreciate so much all the people that have reached out and joined in this journey with me to better themselves. I love you all, even the haters. We're in this together people. You are me and I am you. We got this. Step x Step #SXS