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How Can We Trust Anything On TV Now: Amanda Holden Admits She Flashes Her Boobs On Britain's Got Talent As A Stunt For The Show

[Source] - “I’m very aware of myself and what I should say next. Sometimes I pretend I’m not and I’m outrageous, and I’m like, ‘Oh I had no idea I was going to say that’, or my boob pops out, ‘I had no idea that was going to happen!’

“You have circumstances where you know what you’re doing and the situation is always ongoing, so you are always aware.”

Now wait just a goddamn minute here. How can we trust anything on TV now? Amanda Holden admits she flashes her boobs as a stunt for Britain's Got Talent? And I'm just supposed to go about my day and not teach my kid that what's on TV isn't true? You're telling me celebrities are just in it to make news? What about the love of the game! 

Here's my real question though. Is she just talking about wearing dresses with cleavage or when she says her boob pops out she's talking about a nip slip she had on the show in 2013? Because if the nip slip was on purpose this is a WAY different blog. I'd be giving her way more props for pulling that off. That's a real stunt. Wearing a low cut dress or showing some cleavage? That's not a stunt. That's just TV. 

I'm now fascinated by Amanda Holden though. I blogged her last year when she won 'Rear of the Year' at 48

But now she's doing stunts for a show? It's well-documented this is a MILF friendly website led by our friend Carl. Well I'm putting Amanda Holden firmly in that category now. Update the list, Carl.