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3x Dunk Champion Nate Robinson Wants Jake Paul To Stop Running And Catch These Hands In A Boxing Match

Ding, ding, ding! Allow me to scream this in a Street Fighter voice FIGHT! 

I've said it before, hell I even said it earlier today, a tweet is a binding contract and Nate Robinson just guaranteed he's going to fight Jake Paul as far as I'm concerned. Shit, he could fight Logan Paul for all I care and it'll count. I just need to see Nate Robinson in the ring vs a Paul brother. I'll be honest - I couldn't tell the two apart. I mean I know I've heard of Logan and Jake Paul before and Logan has done stuff with Barstool, but I'm not in the YouTube star world. I am in the basketball world so I know Nate Robinson is a 3x dunk champion: 

So how did we get here? According to TMZ this is what Nate Robinson has to say: 

Nate tells us he's been following Jake's recent antics VERY closely lately … and he's sick of hearing Paul calling out weak opponents like a "bully." 

"I want all the smoke," Nate tells us. "I'm a top tier athlete! I'm putting my everything on the line for (Jake). Let's get it done. It's that simple."

Remember Jake Paul has actually boxed before - and won

Let's just settle this at Rough n Rowdy. Nobody would be able to promote it better than us. Imagine all the Knicks fans behind Nate Robinson, there are dozens of us in the company alone. It's an interesting fight though. Paul is 6'1". Nate Robinson is listed at 5'9". That's a massive difference when it comes to a boxing match. Robinson obviously has the athletic advantage and is used to competing against people bigger than him. 

Does it happen? Probably not, but this is more likely than any other athlete/celeb fight we've seen. Nate is retired so it's not like he has the NBA to worry about. He knows how to shit talk and could get under Jake Paul's skin enough for it to happen. Plus it'll be a decent paycheck, which is the real story here. 

Either way, fuck it, I'm in.