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Wake Up With 22 Years Of Vince Carter Awesomeness

You never know what direction an NBA highlight rabbit hole will lead you, and for me last night I stumbled across this Vince Carter video and figured it was a great way to start the day. Given that Vince Carter has hung em up for good after an insane 22 year career, what better way to celebrate that than to relive some of his best moments from each season. It sucks that his HOF career had to be cut short and he never got his final goodbye in Toronto at the beginning of April. He was for sure one of the most influential players of the 2000s, and shit seeing him still getting it done in 2020 while being in his 40s doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. You shouldn't be able to do the shit Vince Carter was doing at this level, but he's made it very clear he is not your average human.

I also always respected how he never decided to ring chase late in his career. He could have sat on GS's bench or something, but instead he chose to go down to ATL and mentor the next generation. What a beast.