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Wake Up With George Carlin‘s Germs Rant

George Carlin was not only one of the funniest comics ever to live, he was quite probably the smartest. His stand-ups were razor sharp, on point, angry, humanist and sometimes even profound.

And this one, ranting about germs, fear and human immune systems, is a prime example. It makes you sad that Carlin’s not around to riff on a virus that’s killed 100,000 Americans, but I have no doubt it would’ve been genius.

I will concede though, that a guy raving about how he’s not afraid of germs, getting sick or dying works better when he’s still alive. A true germophobe can watch this now and say, “See? He proved my point,” and be at least partially correct. You really should wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Still, RIP to my first comedy idol. Still crushing it, 12 years after his death.