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Bar Rafaeli Says On Instagram That She Misses Getting Drunk And Exposing Herself In Public

Bar Refaeli took to instagram stories yesterday(since expired) and let the people know that she really misses getting drunk in a pool and exposing herself in public 

Bar Refaeli and "exposing herself" in a  headline made me go

Bar Refaeli is probably the last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model that mattered for me. She made her debut in 2009. Before the days of truly highspeed internet, instragram models, and streamable porn. Bar Rafaeli burst onto the scene and she never really left our consciousness. I don't think I could name another SI model that has come along since her besides Kate Upton. Bar Refaeli became a star and even got in Dicaprio's rotation of big breasted models after that issue came out. I did a blog about hot Israeli instagram models about 6 weeks ago and people were legit angry that I didn't include Bar Refaeli even though I think she was pregnant at the time of the blog. Now, with these quotes, I feel like it is a good time to revisit the Israeli missile that is Bar Refaeli. 

Bar Refaeli, one of the all-time greats and Coronavirus has stolen her ability to be drunk and fun. Hate to see it. This virus has to be stopped.