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Minneapolis Venture Capitalist Loses We Work Office Space After Going Viral

ooo. I'm Tom Austin.  I'm a fucking nerd.  I wear cargo shorts to the gym so I don't have to use one of those free lockers that someone can steal my pocket protector and nerd wallet out of.  I'm Tom Austin.  ooo.

Team Top Figure, a social media consulting company based out of Minneapolis, was started by a group of young, black, entrepreneurs a few years ago.  TTF have been tenants of the Mozaic Building in Uptown Minneapolis for over a year and a half, and are incredibly proud of what their business and success has brought them.  They have grown from just social consulting to creating a podcast, expanding into E-commerce, and much more.  They're more of a brand/image consulting firm now and seem to be doing pretty well.  

They posted that video on Tuesday evening after a few employees of TTF were approached in the gym at the building by this washed-up weatherman looking mother fucker, Tom Austin.  You can just sense heavy Karen-like vibes coming off Tom.  So much so, that I think Tom has created a new category of soft ass white men, the Toms.  Congrats on being a major Tom, Tom.  

After seeing it go viral, Tom released a Tom-like apology via email, presumably after a couple of red wines and a Xanax appetizer. 

“Yes, I fucked up.”

“Should have handled it differently.  Building management had been complaining that tenants were allowing their friends to trespassing and use a private gym that was authorized only for building tenants,” ... 

“I noticed that one of the tenants seemed to have brought 4 friends and I complained to them that this isn’t right and it’s unfair to the tenants who pay.  One guy was letting his other 4 friends in and out of the building with his FOB.  Nobody else had a FOB.

“When I said something, they got in my face in a very threatening manner and so I threatened back to building call security.  I would have done this regardless of race.  In fact, I told them I’d have done the same thing if they were white, or even a bunch of girls who were trespassing,”

Tom said he was surprised at the backlash because he worked out with the men for 45 minutes after apologizing for making them feel like it was a race issue.  

Tom has since lost his office space at the building because he clearly does not play well with others, and that's a big No-No at any We Work office.  

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