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The Haters Said You Can't Guess What My Late Nite Snack Is

I've been trying to get on a health kick lately because I've hit a new level of disgusting so horrendous it makes me want to make life changes. That's a big deal because normally I'm pretty comfortable being gross. So yeah, I'm attempting to learn how to cook & make healthy snacks for the first time in my life. So far I've found that although some of the stuff tastes pretty good, it often looks like dog shit. Case in point... 

Here it is. Some clues - It's supposed to be a dessert & it's not supposed to look like this AT ALL.

Happy guessing: 

Shout out to everyone who had those plates in the 90s that I still have for some reason! And here's me eating it to prove it's really food and because the lighting was flattering (by Kate standards):

And here's some guesses I already got to help you narrow it down and to really burn the image of it into your mind before you fall asleep:

I'll give you a $50 gift card to the Barstool store if you're the 1st to get it right and if someone on the business floor says I can have one to give away haha

Sweet dreams!