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OBJ Just Threw The Ball 90+ Yards In The Air......Quarterback Controversy In Cleveland?

Was that first throw 90 yards? Or was that 100 yards??? Either way, not bad for a wide receiver. Live look at Baker Mayfield in the decisive 3rd year of his contract:

Look, I'm not going to sit here and sensationalize this video like some people on the internet are doing. OBJ is…..probably not…..the best quarterback on the Browns roster. I can't definitively say he is, so I won't stir the pot like ESPN is doing. Even if he is 3 for 5 in his career with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. And even though 40% of his attempts have resulted in touchdowns, and his career passer rating is 143.7.  And even though Baker Mayfield has thrown 35 picks in two years, coming fresh off a 78 QBR season. I still can't say OBJ is the best QB for sure. Because we have Case Keenum on our roster, too.

Jokes aside, personally, I'd rather Odell Beckham Jr focus on being a more consistent wide receiver for the Browns than filming videos showing off his arm strength. Plus, just because you can dribble and pass doesn't make you a great point guard. And just because you can throw the ball 100 yards after running 10 yards and crow hopping doesn't make you a great quarterback. But my goodness, wouldn't it be a total Browns move to see this video and be like……hmm, maybe give him a shot? And I know most of you are probably thinking, shut up, no chance they ever do that. Uhhh, please don't forget that someone inside the organization leaked to Adam Schefter that we were considering Condoleezza Rice as head coach. Anything is possible with this franchise.