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Francis Ngannou Hilariously Replies "Oh No, No. Fuck No. What Are You Talking About?" When Asked If He'd Fight Jon Jones For The Same Amount Of Money He Fought Jairzinho Rozenstruik For

This is just so classic Francis Ngannou. It's equal parts hilarious, scary, and brutally honest. When he looked into the camera and said, "Be sure about that.", I think I pooped a little. 

Put yourself in his shoes: would YOU fight Jon Jones, the consensus greatest mixed martial artist of all time - in one of the biggest superfights in recent memory - for the same amount of money as you fought Jairzinho Rozenstruik for the other week? 

You know, the guy he decimated in 14 seconds that clearly didn't belong in there with The Predator....

Not to throw salt in his wounds here, but I assume most of you didn't even know who the fuck Jairzinho Rozenstruik was when you read my headline!

Honestly, the whole Jon Jones/Francis Ngannou situation seems to be just as it appears on the surface - the UFC isn't willing to pay these guys what they want - and as much as that sucks, generally these situations are resolved, and Francis pretty much acknowledged that he knew that by the end of the interview....

I have faith that the MMA Gods will come thru and give us this fight. It's our make-good for Khabib/Tony.