Colby Covington Confirms He Is No Longer A Part Of American Top Team

This shouldn't be surprising to anybody that has been following the Colby Covington/American Top Team (ATT) saga over the last couple months, but as of right now, the former Interim Welterweight Champ is no longer affiliated with the gym. 

It isn't clear yet whether or not he was kicked off the team, left on his own accord, or was even asked to leave, but if I had to guess, it'd be that final option. It doesn't sound as juicy or drama filled as many would expect, it sounds like head coach Dan Lambert probably went to Colby and said...

"Hey man, I've asked ya to stop talkin shit about the people in the gym for a while now, and I get that you gotta do what you gotta do, but it's time both we move on, right?" which Colby probably agreed. 

That's what it sounds like from his side of things, at least, and I'm inclined to believe that because:


A) Dan Lambert absolutely understands professional wrestling and what Colby Covington is doing.


B) Colby snapped out of his gimmick mode when talking about this and still has a lot of respect for Dan.

I think it's gotta probably haunt him a little that he literally sold his soul out for a couple paychecks and lost everything because of it - his gym, his friends, his teammates, his coaches, his respect - everything! How could it not? Especially when the peak of the mountain for him was an Interim ChampionshipINNNTERRRIMMMMMM! 

That's gotta sound like how George Carlin said YOGURT every time you hear it if you're him, right?

Regardless, I'm sure we'll now hear a lot of crazy shit being thrown back and forth from Colby and the fighters at ATT. There's literally nobody that'll second guess themselves for any reason in that battle, and I hope we hear some hilarious shit.