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The NFL's "Sky Judge" Proposal Made Way Too Much Sense, So Naturally They Got Rid Of It

OF COURSE THEY DID! There was one overwhelming consensus opinion that we all had watching the XFL: sky judge is fucking awesome. No one watched the XFL and said sky judge was stupid and unnecessary. Not one soul. If you did, you're too dumb to insult. It was easy, quick, and effective. A no brainer addition to football in every way, shape, and form. 

What was sky judge? It was an additional ref positioned up in the booth whose sole responsibility was to buzz down for reviews. They were given all the camera angles at their disposal so they could see what the zebras on the field could not. The XFL gave the sky judge 60 seconds to get the call right. It was a seamless addition that would change the way games were called for the better. Also sky judge is an incredible name in itself. I trust the sky judge with every call they make. 

Look how easy this was to get the right call. It was brilliant. 

We even got to hear what they were saying the whole time as they walked us through their thinking. How the NFL thought this wouldn't be a great idea is insanity. 

And even better, it looks like it came down to money. The NFL doesn't have the money for an additional ref. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Forget improving the product on the field, let's save a few bucks. 

Guess we've got to stick with Alberto Riveron standing by his referees' dog shit calls while they continue to fuck up the end of games. Sweet.  Thanks Goodell!