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Baker Mayfield Once Again Talked Today About How He's Silently Preparing For The Season Without Talking About It

Well folks, I know most of you have finished your schooling for the rest of your life, or you are at least now off for the summer, but let's go back to the 6th grade English classroom for a moment. This is what we call an "oxymoron". A figure of speech in which two contradictory terms are combined in order to create a rhetorical effect. For instance, you could order a "Jumbo Shrimp". Or there could be a "deafening silence". And now, we have Baker Mayfield "talking about not talking about it".

Oh Baker. Just can't stay away from the camera, can you? I don't know what your media obligations are right now, but I don't see too many of your counterparts doing Zoom meetings with the media. But here you are, talking about how the new coach and system is a great fit for you, and it's our recievers time to shine, and that the goal is always the Super Bowl. And this is now about the third or fourth time this offseason that I've read about you no longer talking about doing the work and just doing the work. You went on with Rex Ryan and talked about putting your foot in your mouth last year (same old, Baker). You told everyone you've ditched your plan to bulk up and now you'll come back slimmer and faster next year. And now, you're reminding everyone that you're NOT talking about what you're doing anymore and you're just going to do it. Baker, do you see the connection I'm making here?

It's like you're following the Dave Portnoy way of tweeting about something by starting with "Old Dave would've said (this) but new Dave has become too mature for that". Well Old Baker would've told you all about how he had 9 teammates down to his place in Texas to work out because it's time to shut up and not talk but just get better. Oh, wait. You did that today. You've certainly got all the buzzwords down. I bet you're getting "back to the basics", too.

Be more like Nick Chubb!!

And listen, there's no one I'd rather win with than Baker Mayfield. He's going to be the King of Cleveland if he can lead us to a home playoff game this year. But last year was so embarrassing, and it came down to two people in my opinion: Baker Mayfield and Freddie Kitchens. Freddie is gone, and honestly, if we don't win this year, Baker might be next. And he knows it...

There’s no doubt year three is always a big year in these contracts, and timing-wise everybody knows that.

Uhhh, ya think? Look, I think I could win 10 games with OBJ, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper, and Kareem Hunt making plays for me. And I'm pretty damn sure Baker's backup, Case Keenum, can do better than me. This season comes down to Baker Reagan Mayfield. JUST DO THE WORK. You don't have to tell anyone you're doing the work. You definitely don't have to tell everyone that you're not telling everyone you're doing the work. You just have to do the work and then show up and play well! And I know I sound like a hater here, but I truly believe there's only 1 person on this entire roster that can keep this team from being a playoff team this year for the first time since 2002.