Mac McClung's Bizarre Offseason Just Ended With Him Officially Announcing He's Transferring To Texas Tech

Before Texas Tech fans get all pissy saying they are always must-watch, this is all about McClung's game within Beard's system. McClung is at his best when he's free-flowing and in transition, making plays with the ball in his hand. Tech's system is not based on that at all. They are obviously defensive-minded first and then on offense they like to run different ball screen sets and try to find the mismatch. 

Now this offseason for McClung was weird. He announced he was going to test the NBA waters, which makes sense and something he should do. He was getting feedback on his game, he's actually not hated (he wasn't going to get drafted) by NBA front offices or anything like that. But he had a scouting report of what to work on what they like, etc. Then Patrick Ewing announced that McClung was coming back to Georgetown, to which McClung said he had no idea what he was talking about. 


Exactly a week later McClung announced he was transferring, applying for a waiver right away and pulling out of the NBA Draft: 

From there it was pretty open to where McClung was going to go to. He put out a list with a finalists of Texas Tech, Wake Forest, BYU, Auburn, Memphis, USC and Arkansas. I had actually heard that Wake was the favorite right away. Steve Forbes recruited McClung hard when he was at East Tennessee State not knowing if McClung was going to go the high D1 route. There's also a bunch of openings for Wake with guys transferring a new coach coming in. He knows Forbes system and actually fits pretty well into it. 

Now today we have him announcing he's going to Texas Tech. The next thing will be whether or not he gets a waiver to make him eligible this year or if he's sitting out and playing the 2020-21 season. I actually do like Mac's game quite a bit. He was asked to do a ton for Georgetown last year once they lost a bunch of players - most notably James Akinjo. He's a guy who can create for himself, good at breaking guys off the dribble and a decent passer. He should thrive within Beard's system - one that has used transfers quite a bit. If he is eligible, Tech is going to be a consensus top-10ish team in the country, likely the favorite to win the Big 12 depending what happens with Kansas. More importantly, if he's eligible it makes up for the loss of Davide Moretti who just announced he's going to play over in Italy professionally. But a group of Terrence Shannon, McClung and Kyler Edwards is pretty damn good.


Need Riff Raff (Mac's cousin) and Dennis Rodman at a Texas Tech game together. Rodman has shown up the last couple of years for a game: