Researchers Found That Saying The Word "Fuck" Can Improve Your Threshold For Pain

NY Post- Dropping F-bombs can possibly help increase a person’s pain threshold, research has shown — and, according to a follow-up pain management experiment, using made-up swear words doesn’t quite garner the same results. The original 2009 experiment suggested that swearing under the right circumstances can increase a person’s pain threshold. To test the theory, Richard Stevens, a British psychologist from Keele University, conducted an experiment in which people immersed their hand in ice-cold water.

The act of cursing enabled them to withstand more pain, the findings suggested. “The simple act of swearing during the experiment enabled participants to perceive decreased pain and tolerate increased pain,” Science Alert had reported.

Further research found that people who swear often had a lesser increase in pain tolerance than those who don’t. In another test, whose findings were published in April, Stephens and a colleague had 92 participants utter made-up swear words to see if random words yielded any benefits.

While putting their hand in ice water, the testing subjects repeated one of the four words every three seconds — the F-word, a neutral word and two made-up swear words: “fouch” and “twizpipe,” according to the researchers. The F-word was linked to a 32 percent increase in pain threshold and a 33 percent increase in pain tolerance, according to the publication. The made-up words had no beneficial impact.

Shout out to the people at Science Alert for doing a study about something people have known is a fact for years. Maybe they can do a study about if eating candy or sunny days makes people feel happy. 

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