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Papa Roach Has Always, And Will Always, Get The People Going. That Much Is Simply A Fact Of Life

Hey Mason Ramsey. Kick rocks, ya little dink. You think you were hot shit going into Walmart and yodeling your little ass off? Nobody likes yodel music, bro. No offense but that shit is trash. It sounds like poverty. Nobody wants that in their life. 

But pulling up to a Texas Walmart and putting on a Papa Roach cover concert for everybody while they're dealing with this pandemic? Now that right there is going to get the people going. You could feel the energy of that performance permeating through your screen. Almost thought we were going to see a mosh pit go down in the self checkout line. 

Also, nothing but respect here for going with the squeaky clean version of "Last Resort". There are kids around. No need for any cuss words to be flying around out there. That's a man of the people. I wish we had more common courtesy like that in the world.