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Here We Have Dwayne Haskins Throwing A Great Ball To Stefon Diggs With Chad Ochocinco In Coverage


I fucking love this clip. First of all, great coverage from Chad. I know there was some holding going on and Diggs wanted to add some razzle dazzle to the route, but Cinco had him pretty locked up. 

But then that ball from Haskins was perfect. That's my quarterback baby. I've been saying it, he's going to shock a ton of people, a ton of the haters and detractors, this season. He was pretty solid his final 3 starts of the season and the Skins actually added weapons for him to throw to. Don't snooze. 

And a great part of this workout that isn't in this clip- who else was at the field----


GENO!!!! I love Geno. Ol' flat Earth Geno. Miss that guy.


And of course who else was there but AB



Wonder if he'll be on a team next season. Just keep him away from Haskins please. Unless….NO. Not even going to entertain that thought.