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It's Always Sunny Was Renewed For A Record-Breaking 15th Season And Of Course There Will Be A Coronavirus Episode

It’s Always Sunny is one of the staples of the majority of bloggers here and readers. We talk about episodes, lines, characters, etc all the time. That’s what happens when you have one of the greatest comedies of all time happening right this moment.

That's why I'm fucking pumped to hear that It's Always Sunny is back for a record-breaking 15th season. The show simply can't win an Emmy but they're going to smash every record. There's something comforting knowing that this show, which is arguably the greatest comedy ever, is going to keep going on. Not only that but they are doing it perfectly.

There's no one that needs a coronavirus episode more than It's Always Sunny. It's perfect Sunny when take a very serious debate/topic and shows why people - typically on both sides of the discussion - are incredibly stupid. They've done it with pretty much every topic over the last 15 years but perhaps none done more perfectly than the ending to The Gang Solves The Bathroom Problem last year: 

Granted, we have seen a coronavirus-type episode already. Can I remind you of the Gang Gets Quarantined: 

I already can't wait for this. Also I'm holding Rob to this quote, rules are rules and now they have to do It's Always Sunny forever: 

“How many years do I have on this planet? I’ll do it forever. If people keep watching it and we keep having fun, why would we ever stop? It’s my dream job.

And now an easy 47 minutes to distract you: