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The 'Ghostbusters' Music Video With The Music Removed Is An Incredible Internet Creation


Slide into yo DMs like:


Maybe it’s just me but I love stuff like this. Obviously you could do this to any video and odds are at least 50/50 it’d turn out weird as hell but this video with Ray Parker Jr just ambling around and ghost stalking the shit out of some chick until he drove her out of her home, probably to an insane asylum, cracks me up. Meanwhile Lionel Richie got a big papier maché head for his stalking efforts of that blind chick in “Hello”, that’s why you’re Ray Parker Jr. and he’s Lionel Richie.


Here’s the original for comparison’s sake:


Random aside but can you name all the Ghostbusters…not the actors but the characters? I’ve got Egon and I know Bill Murray was Peter Venkman and that’s about it. Really big failure relative to the Ninja Turtles in the Battle Of Useless Things Spags Has Saved In His Brain That Could Be Used For Stuff Like Math Or Basic Human Knowledge.


(h/t Dangerous Minds)