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Is It Funnier To Watch A Stranger Get Hit In The Balls Or The Face?


Listen anytime someone gets drilled in the face you need to immediately make a decision if it would have been worse to take it in the balls. I think long-term getting hit in the balls is obviously much worse, but that initial reaction and how you handle your balls/face is much closer than you think. Taking something to the face almost always results in a Lee Harvey Oswald style collapse. Upon impact you start looking for snipers. The entire body gives out in one fluid drop while your blank stare teeters on levels of ambiguous consciousness. 

Then there's getting hit in the balls. Again - objectively much worse than taking something to the face. But for now we're focusing on the initial reaction... the way you absorb the first wave of pain. And in this corner we have your ballsack enduring 5 ounces of tightly wound rubber at 41 meters/second.

To me there's beauty in getting drilled in the face that you'll never find here. Like seeing a bolt of lightning in its entirety. You sense it coming but it happens so fast that sometimes all you hear is the thunder and the roar of the crowd as little Johnnie's head cleanly leaves his shoulders during a JV volleyball loser's bracket match. Even with what we know about head trauma today, that's still kinda funny. 

Alternatively when it comes to your balls, there's really no laughing matter. I mean yes balls are inherently funny. Arguably the funniest thing on any developed human adult body. But it's the kind of funny you don't seriously entertain out of respect. Like laughing at a friend when they lose a heartbreaking bet that they can't actually afford. You don't bust that friend's balls because your the next loser up. Same thing when it comes to watching another man suffer ball pain. Those could just as easily be your balls writhing in agony. It's called being a gentleman. 


Balls to the face. 

Final answer.