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Phil Mickelson Wants To Do 'The Match III' With MJ And Steph Curry ... What Would Be The Best Matchups?

Everyone knows The Match II was a major success. That's what happens when we're starved for sports and you give us 4 names like Tiger, Phil, Brady and Peyton. It was awesome. There's already talks about what could happen for The Match III. Even Phil chimed in and said let's go ahead and get MJ/Steph, Mahomes/Romo and Larry David/Bill Murray. It got me to thinking what would be the best matchups for The Match. 

To me the key is having guys that can talk back and forth to make it entertaining. You need to have that dialogue because there's just such a delay between shots and with one group playing it's all eyes on you for a few hours. At the same time, I need someone to start pushing limits. Give me a guy who is actually going to gamble on camera. Give me a guy who is going to swear and make it seem like you're playing with your buddies. I want to watch how these guys really are just one round. 


Obviously we're going to have Tiger/Phil for each one. I do enjoy the set up of pairing them with athletes/celebrities while there's another match like we got with Rickie/Wolff/DJ/Rory. Part of what made the Match III so great is you had the rivalry background and you had Brady/Manning hacking it around at times. That's what I want to see with this. So with that in mind, here are the 5 celebrities/athletes I'd want to see playing against each other with Tiger/Phil in Match III. 

5. Steph Curry vs Patrick Mahomes

I don't love this one, but Steph is damn good at golf and Mahomes is decent. They are both young and it would just help keep eyes on the sport. Steph would get competitive, which is the key here. 

4. Bill Murray vs Larry David

Bill Murray was AWFUL on the other match when he called in. That said, you're giving me Larry David? I'll take it. There would be way too many shticks, which could get old. But if there's money involved it feels like Tiger and Phil will straighten these guys out. 

3. Foreplay vs Foreplay

Imagine the Foreplay guys who don't get picked to play with Tiger. There'd be animosity through the roof. We know they can talk for hours and we'd finally get them in with Phil. Plus, it doesn't hurt the Barstool brand. Call me selfish, I don't care. I'd watch Frankie skull a chip over the green, Trent wearing khakis and a Riggs walk-in

2. Tony Romo/Eli Manning

Sticking with the rivalry thing here, we've already seen Peyton so we'll put Romo with Eli. Give me somebody to cheer for in my favorite football player of all time in Eli and just root against the Cowboys for a 3rd time in a year. Don't hate it one bit. Eli has a sneaky party side to him, I'd want that released here. 

1. Charles Barkley/MJ

These two are in a fight. They are both super competitive. It feels only right they could make up on the 18th hole when one of the guys loses way too much money to the other. We'd get to see MJ fuck up even too. Not to mention we'd see this, which just feels right: 


Either way let's make this a permanent thing and really get these guys loosened up. Like I said, we need to see more swearing, more gambling and more hacking. I want to sit on my couch and be reminded of playing with buddies.