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Stephen King Has Twitter Ablaze Trying To Find Out Everyone's Top 10 Gangster Movies. Who Ya Got?

Leave it to the guy who's written every single horror novel the western hemisphere has ever read to get everyone's panties in a bunch on a quiet quarantined Wednesday morning. And it's not even about horror! This guy's got us going crazy over mob movies. 

I will say this right off the bat though- I disagree with him just throwing Godfather 1 & 2 as the top 2. BIG time disagree, King. I know the olds worship the Godfather more than the good people of New Jersey worship Springsteen, yet in my opinion it's a big time boomer take. Is it great? Sure. Does Luca Brasi sleep with the fishes? Sure. But does it top what is in my opinion the greatest movie ever made in Goodfellas? No. chance. in. Hell.

Goodfellas reigns supreme & I'm happy to say I think some of my younger generation (23 years of age) is slowly learning that. Now outside of Goodfellas I'm gonna give the rest of my top 10. Plz don't yell at me as this is all in good fun.

  1. Goodfellas
    • As I said it's the undisputed GOAT. There's just too much good stuff to come from it. Can't be topped. Pesci. DeNiro. Liotta. The getting of the Shineboxes. The walk-in's at the Copa. The shootings of Spider. And I could literally go on for days.
  2. The Departed
    • What a MOVIE. In my humble opinion this really is a 2-horse race and it's the closest you can come to a deadheat. I fucking LOVE the Departed. Of course there's rats in gangster movies all the time, but the chase between 2 of 'em to find who's who & said being between race Leo & Damon? Good god it's fantastic. Oh and the casual castings of Nicholson, Baldwin, Farmiga, Sheen, and Wahlberg help the cause as well. Put that cast up against any of those random ensemble holiday rom coms like Valentine's Day any day of the week.
  3. Casino
    • If you haven't caught my drift yet I tend to really enjoy Martin Scorsese. There's not much else you can do then compliment Joe Pesci once again on Casino. Could it be a just a taaaad shorter? Of course. I'll live though when watching it. What a flick.
  4. The Godfather
    • When James Gandolfini passed away in 2013 Bryan Cranston tweeted that without Tony Soprano there would be no Walter White…and that of course is how it goes with this whole list in terms of the Godfather. Do I have to uncontrollably love it to make it my #1? Of course not, but I will give it the respect it deserves. 
  5. Donnie Brasco
    • Donnie Brasco interests me a lot. Al Pacino of course is a delight as always & it's one of the few flicks in which Johnny Depp plays a sane person and he's great in it. Really one of my only slights with the movie is how I think Michael Madsen's a subpar as Sonny Black, although that is not making me shy away from throwing it at 6.
  6. The Godfather II
    • I still need to watch the Godfather in chronological order if that makes sense. I believe I've been told that's called the Godfather Epic? Where you see young Don Vito first and shit before you even see anything from the first Godfather. That sounds fun. Anyways I know there is a HUGE Godfather 2 is better than 1 crowd, but that doesn't fly here.
  7. Scarface
    • Who doesn't love seeing Al Pacino cut up rugs & ultimately introduce a bunch of hitmen to his little friend? Cause I sure do. 
  8. Analyze This
    • Am I gonna get shit for putting a comedy on this list? Sure. Do I care? Absolutely not. Analyze This is fucking PIMP. Movie's fucking hilarious and if you can't laugh at the scenes of Billy Crystal at the funeral & sit down then you're tacky and I hate you.
  9. Bronx Tale
    • Before we saw DeNiro and Chazz Palmintieri as adversaries in Analyze This, we saw 'em as adversaries in A Bronx Tale. Are you shocked I just used a word as big as adversaries? I hope so because, frankly, I am too. This movie can be on the list alone for the biker scene yet there's so much more to it. Fantastic.
  10. Gangster Squad
    • Ok. I know what you're thinking. I'm a crazy person. I would challenge you to think that though after giving this 2013 vastly underrated movie a nice rewatch. Sean Penn is lowkey great as the villain Mickey Cohen & then you have great actors like Josh Brolin, Gosling, and Giovanni Ribisi forming an actual gangster squad to take him down. It's fire. 

And that concludes my list. I'm aware I've left off some classics and contrary to popular belief that is what the comment section is for. Sound off in there. Tweet at me. Like I said earlier, just don't make fun of me cause I put Analyze This on there.