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Man With The Smoothest Stroke Game On The Planet Sets World Record For Swiss Ball Surfing

Who said missionary is dead? Missionary is back and it is back in the biggest way imaginable after this Stroke God just took down 26 Swiss balls in 100m like he was Usain Bolt. 

It's gotta be a bit of a curse though, no? I mean this man probably can't go anywhere now without everybody begging him to plough them. Men and women alike. They've seen the video. They know what he's capable of. The man is a world record holder and the mayor of PoundTown, USA. Clearly a devout member to the Daddy Gang. But still, it's all fun and games until you can't even go out to grab a bag of sour gummy worms and an ice cold bottle of Coke Zero without everyone clamoring on about how you're the Stroke God and they want you to treat them like a Swiss ball. 

But I guess if being a world record holder was easy then everybody would do it.