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Can't Sleep? Watch Philly Sports Radio Host Mike Missanelli Throw His Headphones In An On-Air Fit

From Kyle Neubeck at the Philly Voice:

A woman who called the cops on a New York City birdwatcher appears to be at the center of an argument that enraged Mike Missanelli of 97.5 The Fanatic, prompting him to throw his headset and scream at his producer on Tuesday's simulcast episode of The Mike Missanelli Show.

Below is more of the argument leading up to the headset throw where he tries to be contrarian for entertainment's sake (I suppose some people here know that game) but when he's shut down repeatedly with logical rebuttals, look out...

And my goodness… There seems to be a mood over at 97.5 The Fanatic:

PhillyVoice reached out to multiple parties in the aftermath of the incident, and employees at the station say there was no prior incident that led to the altercation between Johnson and Missanelli.

"Mike tried to pull the, 'I'm a lawyer' shit. Tyrone then read him the actual law," one station employee said to PhillyVoice on Tuesday evening. "Natalie is agreeing with [Tyrone], so now Mike has been embarrassed and has the rest of his show 'ganging' up on him. And he threw a temper tantrum because he's a fking child."

And quick refresh - Missanelli is known for being a hot-head. This isn't the first time he's gotten into it with his crew, and among other things lest we forget this 2006 incident

Sources say Missanelli, 50, hit part-time WIP producer Brian Robbins after the two men argued during a live remote broadcast Friday at Brownie's 23 East (23 E. Lancaster Ave.) in Ardmore.

And now he's constantly in a ratings war with that old employer, WIP, which gets so heated sometimes it makes the news. Ah, sweet Philly.

Though I don't condone escalating things to that point with anyone you work with and I agree that it's the actions of a "fcking child", I'll also say I bet that, at least for tomorrow's show, the ratings will fly above WIP's like a set of Missanelli's headphones.