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Wake Up With Gregory Polanco Giving The Cubs A Walk Off Win In The Most Embarrassing Way Ever

This is a tough one to watch. You can't not watch this clip and not feel for Gregory Polanco. It is hilarious, it's hard not to laugh, but I genuinely feel bad watching Polanco flop around like a fish before that ball falls to the grass. I definitely don't think he was injured on the play either, I think it was one of those "fake a limp" so you can blame the bad play on that. I think it's just the most embarrassing way to lose a game. There was nothing he could really do about it either, you could see him slip, looks like his spikes get caught, and from there it was game over. Nothing he could do. That's a tough one to swallow, especially in extras and that short fly out gives you a chance to get outta the inning with a ground ball, but nope, not for the Pirates. Fs in the chat for Gregory, thats a rough way to lose one.