Thanks For Coming Out, Poopystinks! Coach Duggs Poops His Way to 6-0 After Taking Poop On Georgia, Twitch Chatter

Halfway home! The (17) Tennessee Volunteers are now at the midway point of the regular season after a big 35-30 win at home vs. the Georgia Bulldogs on Tuesday night.

However, the team in red and black was not the only opponent trying to take down Coach Duggs this evening.

Stoolies, meet "poopystinks." A Twitch Chatter who was watching tonight's stream hoping to see one thing and one thing only: to see Coach Duggs fail.

Guess what, poopystinks? Joke's! On! You!

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Tennessee QB Caleb Pressley may have broke a rule here, but he let Duggs Nation know that he was NOT a fan of poopystinks.

Pressley, a Heisman candidate, did not have his best game. He's had worse outings, though. And when it mattered most, he dropped some dimes to his teammates. That includes this ball to RB Rico Burgerton, who pulled off a crazy juke on his way to the end zone.

Despite the flashy offense from Coach Duggs' squad (6-0, 2-0), you have to tip your cap to the Tennessee defense tonight. They made a handful of stops in clutch moments, and when it was all said and done, the Vols kept their perfect season alive.

After moving up four spots in the poll, Tennessee is back at it tomorrow night (9 PM ET), when the Vols take on Auburn. As Coach Duggs says below, the SEC isn't pretty right now. But remember: it just means more.