Paul Pierce!

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2 Years, 11 Million dollars. Perfect. Ariza goes to Houston for 8 mil a year for 4 years, Pierce comes to DC for 5.5 mil a year for 2 years. And you already know why they wanted the 2 year deal instead of the long term deal. He’s exactly what they need. Pierce is a veteran presence for Bradley Beal, still produces, and rounds out a very, very, very good starting 5.

Wall, Beal and Pierce in the back court. Gortat and Nene in the front. That’s a ridiculous starting 5. The problem now is depth. Pierce brings them credibility. Now is the time to bring in more veterans. Get that depth. Get guys who can play minutes and contribute. The big 3 in Miami is broken up. The East is wide open. Things are lining up perfectly in DC.


PS: Like most great basketball players, Pierce will retire a Washington Wizard.


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PS: Can’t wait.