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Wedding Videographer From Hell Keeps Money, Taunts Family Saying "Life's A Bitch" After Bride-To-Be Killed In Crash

From ABC 7 Denver

The family of a Colorado Springs woman who lost her life in a car crash near Calhan in February is trying to settle her affairs, but her wedding videographer is refusing a refund.

Alexis Wyatt died in a car crash on Highway 24 near Calhan in February. Her fiancé, Justin Montney, reached out to our ABC sister station, KRDO-TV, for help after Copper Stallion Media threatened to sue him for a review he left on

Montney said he paid $1,800 to Copper Stallion Media and the company refused to give him a refund after Wyatt passed away.

“They should have been able to do (that) because they didn’t render any services,” Montney said.

He added that the company said they could extend his service to his next wedding, which "was a very a very insensitive thing to tell me."

As Montney’s experience went public, people left negative reviews on Copper Stallion Media’s social media pages.

Copper Stallion Media responded by redirecting it’s entire business website and Yelp page to a new website,, attacking Montney and accusing him of trying to “shake us down.”

“He admits the contract was nonrefundable but says we should give the money back due to the circumstance. Life is a b*tch, Justin” the site reads.

The owner then mocked that the website is registered for two years using the non-refundable deposit.

Honestly the jaded skeptic in me thought this was some sort of awful 'fake story' to raise funds for a fraudulent GoFundMe or something. (Thanks for ruining my faith, Philly couple who did the $400K scam with the 'homeless veteran' last year). Making a website to taunt a grieving groom-to-be? Telling him the funds could be credited towards his next wedding?!?!

I just couldn't imagine a business being this cruel to someone suffering such a great loss. It seemed too mean to be real... But unfortunately it's been confirmed by multiple credible news sources. 

On top of that, people on Twitter are alleging the videographer involved is the same one from this story in Massachusetts back in 2013:

A wedding videographer accused of scamming more than 92 couples has allegedly continued his fraudulent schemes, despite court orders, according to a lawyer representing four couples who didn’t receive their videos after paying deposits of up to $2,000.

::sigh:: Here's to hoping karma's real. And that that's a bitch, too.