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What's The Worst Break To Come Back From?

I was sitting around on the back porch as my 2020 Memorial Day weekend came to a close and even though I have a pretty awesome job (humble brag), I inevitably felt the post-holiday weekend blues start to kick in. 

So it got me thinking: of all the breaks we normally have, which one is the worst to come back to "normal" life from?

At the end of the day, they're all shitty and make you have the pit in your stomach feeling, but here's my list 6-1. 

6. Spring Break

  • I know, I know. Everyone goes crazy for Spring Break, but I think the coming back part of this one is the easiest. You've gone so hard for a week straight. You're sunburnt, your whole body aches, you feel like shit, and you just want to get out of a car for the foreseeable future. On Monday of that week you think "THIS is literal paradise. I don't ever want to leave" as you and your buddies joke about the Wolf Of Wall Street "IM NOT FUCKIN LEAVIN" scene. Then Friday hits and you feel like you've been hit by a truck and it feels funny when you pee and you kind of just want your own bed and maybe your mom. Plus, by the time you get back from Spring Break school is basically over anyways. 

5. Thanksgiving Break

  • Thanksgiving Break still doesn't get enough credit in my mind. The Monday of that week is basically the only real day but all anyone is talking about is their holiday plans while Tuesday becomes a half day because no one gives a shit and people start taking off on Wednesday. By the time this one is over on Sunday I always kind of feel like "damn I really need to bare down once I get back" because it feels like I got away with robbery for that long of a break that's not even technically a religious holiday. And of course, this one is so low because even if you are feeling bummed about going back to work or school all you gotta do is think about how Christmas/Winter break is right around the corner, and it's sure enough to get you through those Sunday scaries. 

4. First Vacation In A While

  • Not everyone is lucky enough to get to take a real, week long-not-even-looking-at-my-phone vacation anymore so when you actually get one, it hurts. This is the difference between spring break in high school or college and a grown up vacation. Your whole life is Spring Break back then. This July vacation you've been planning for the last year and a half, saving up for, looking forward to. When it comes to a close, even if it's in the middle of summer, all that stares you in the eye is work and real life. Tough. 

3. Annoying Relationship with A Person You Won't Marry

  • Man how exhausting are these? You both know the end result yet you can't just call it off. You just do it because you're bored and you mostly just don't want to see each other with someone else more than you want to be with each other. "Hey how's _?" "Oh we're on uhhh a little break". How do you recover from that? Instantly makes the conversation weird as shit and you both know that it's basically done. When you decide to get back together you know that only more bullshit awaits you.

2. Summer Break

  • Summer break is euphoria for the first 22 years of your life. Even when you have to pull jobs in high school and college, it's still not a paper hanging over your head, the weather is nice, and everyone is ready to party. Hell it's probably even better when you're 13 and under. Time just didn't exist. So when you go to your local market for the first time in late July and see the "back to school" supplies getting rolled out…it sends a chill up your spine even to this day. 

1. Christmas / Winter Break

  • Nothing more really needs to be said other than "January and February". Once the first week of break is done, the depression starts to creep in faster than the darkness at 5pm during those dreadful ass winter days.