Giant Rhino Chasing Down Motorcycles In The Streets Of India

You see this is what I’m talking about? First you let coyotes run wild and then its a slippery slope to fucking rhino’s terrorizing the streets. One minute we’re instagramming coyotes in Queens and then next thing you know, we’re fucking India. Got modern day dinosaurs running us down killing us and shit. Give Mother Nature an inch and she’ll take a mile. Wait until the coyotes tell all their bear friends thats NYC is cool with wild animals in the streets and we’ll basically devolve into a Third World country.

As for India I feel like this is just another day. Ho hum a couple people trampled to death by a rhinoceros. Guys on dirt bikes sharing the road with the rhino like he has the right of way as well. This is just how India does it. A billion people crammed into a country the size of Texas and they cant even control the rhinos.

PS – Hey Wall Street Journal can you ease up with this warning?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.36.29 AM

Dont you know the rules around here? Tell us nobody died so that we can enjoy the video. Then make us feel like assholes after the fact. Thats the best way to handle these things. Dont need to know they death toll right off the bat.