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Post Memorial Day #Pickems: My Favorite Time of Year

I must admit, I haven't done a #pickem in several hours and I was beginning to feel faint. My stomach? Queasy. My vision? Blurred. But the dog days are over and I'm back like I never left. Let's make a quarterback, shall we?

Arm Strength: Matthew Stafford $2 (Remaining: $13)

Stafford for $2?? I usually like to start with a high dollar pick but this value is too good to pass up on. Stafford has always had an absolute cannon for an arm. He goes 50 yards here while throwing across his body like it's a check down:

But what always impressed me about his arm wasn't the 50-60 yard throws. It was how quickly the 20-30 yard passes got to their mark:

I was tempted to go with $1 here because of the attributes listed, arm strength is last for me in what I need for a QB. Stafford at $2 fits the bill though.

Arm accuracy: Patrick Mahomes $4 (Remaining: $9)

Another steal! Is this what being a quarterbacks coach is?? Because this shit is easy. I'll gladly pay $4 for throws like these:

So he can drop it in a bucket in the corner of the end zone, connect on no-look passes AND hit guys between the numbers with his off-hand?? Drew Brees could never.

Rushing: Lamar Jackson $5 (Remaining: $4)

Finally! I get to spend on my big-ticket item! This one wasn't particularly close either with all due respect to the other candidates but cmon:

Lamar finished the season first in yards per carry (6.9….heh), fourth in rushing first downs (71) and sixth in rushing yards (1,206). He's easily the pick here. So far, I have Stafford's arm, Mahomes' accuracy, and Jackson's rushing ability. But what does it matter if he can't come through in the clutch?

Clutch: Tom Brady $4 (Remaining: $0)

It has to be Brady, right? The only other person I'd consider here is Mahomes or Eli Manning when playing Tom Brady. That's it. Last year wasn't Tommy's best work in the clutch, but I would never want to be on the other sideline watching him get the ball back with his team down 3 points and 1:47 left. I don't care if he's 42 or 422 years of age. Don't care if he's since retired. Don't even care if he's no longer among the living. I'm still going with Brady here.

Arm Strength: Matthew Stafford

Arm Accuracy: Patrick Mahomes

Rushing: Lamar Jackson

Clutch: Tom Brady

Who you got?