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Dude Pulls Off An Absolutely ABSURD 70-Step Trick Shot In The Woods Because 69-Steps Was Apparently Too Obvious

Not to sound like a huge pussy or anything but I'm legitimately nauseous after watching all 70 steps of that trick shot. I know we love volume on the basketball court but 70 fucking steps is a lot of fucking steps if you know what I mean. And while on subject did we need all 70? Just immensely disrespectful to us 69 enthusiasts out there that we got jobbed out of a hearty laugh. Honestly a young guy making the executive decision to not use a 69 here might even be more impressive than nailing all 70 steps. I don't know if that makes him a square and I'm not willing to do the research but imagine the prep work that goes into this. Do you have partners or accomplices? Or is this one of those whack job hobbies you keep to yourself once your scrotum drops? I have so many questions about how you master this craft. 

Which brings me to another point. Testing or no testing. Vaccine or no vaccine. The evidence is starting to pour in that human beings are capable of becoming exceptionally weird in quarantine and we're at risk of sacrificing the social dominance we exude globally. Maybe the scientists would disagree with me but it would sure help if we could get the boys together a few times now that it's 73 and sunny. Again, not to be a huge pussy but I think that's a pretty reasonable demand. Don't push us too far because I suppose we can get a lot weirder and no one wants that to be part of American history. Nobody wants to be the weird generation. 

Elsewhere, trick shot magic used to be a thing on ESPN2. People forget that so consider this a reminder that it was indeed fucking awesome. In fact I'm surprised billiards aren't more in play at this time. Don't make me buy a pool table for the apartment especially now that I have a trampoline but same time if you're into billiards and want to run this back, slide in my dms.