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Justice For Chubbs: The Golf Course Alligators Are Turning On Each Other

How am I supposed to chip with that going on, Doug? We've got 2 gators chucking some knucks at a course in Hilton Head. And I can only imagine there is something much larger going on here. 

24 years ago a damn alligator bit Chubbs' hand off. Ever since that day, golf course alligators have gotten a bad wrap. It caused a divide amongst those golf course gators which would manifest its way through generations of new gators. There are those who wish to dine on human hands and other extremities, and those who just want to kick back and live that country club lifestyle. Some gators want to eat humans, others just want to be able to stroll around in some Bermuda grass all day instead of having to live in a fucking swamp. 

But as pretty much every living species throughout the history of planet Earth has found out, you can't have both. Differing beliefs unequivocally always lead the war. And now it would appear that the Battle of Chubbs has made its way to Hilton Head. Still only the 2nd best golf course gator fight, though.