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The NC Dinos Are Not Only Murdering Teams But Now They Are Dancing On Their Graves

Jeeeeeeesus Christ. I've become used to the NC Dinos beating the everliving shit out of KBO teams by dropping Dino Dongs on their faces while tossing Dino Diamonds on the bump to become the best team in alllllll of baseball.

But to flash lights in an empty stadium after a home run hit by essentially an outfielder that essentially swings a pitcher's bat that added 3 insurance runs to a likely insurmountable lead is as #DISRE2PECTFUL as it gets. Goose Gossage is probably looking to get on the next flight to North Carolina, since something tells me traveling during the coronavirus pandemic doesn't scare him at all, just so he can put one in the NC Dino's stadium producers ear. What a team. What a season. What a wagon. This guy knows what I'm talking about!


This is the part of the blog where I would say in all honesty, I can't wait until Major League Baseball comes back. But I'm honestly fine with not having the Mets cocktease me before ripping my guts out. So join me on Dino Island by buying a goddamn shirt and supporting the cause!

P.S. Kiwoom Heroes? More like Kiwoom Zeroes!