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Breakfast Recap: "Who The Fuck Is Scooter Brown?"

I'm going to try to put together recaps as much as possible for all the people who don't have Sirius. I'll organize things by topic and/or segment so you can click around where you want. Some will be clips, some will be quotes, but they'll all give you an idea of what's going on and where we stand. Hope you guys enjoy. 

Call Her Daddy x Scooter Braun 



Willie on Brady's golf tourney performance

Pandemic Pool Party 

Willie also calls my mom "Team Light Skin" which I'm not sure how I feel about yet. The second I tweeted this I realized I should've made the caption "Death, Taxes, and Pat's Mom interrupting a show." Fuck. 


Khloe's New Face 

Michigan says they won't play football if students are back on campus. Willie and Brandon weigh in on how idol hands are the devils playground when it comes to college athletes and what it would mean if they were to not play football…

Large is back tomorrow. See you then..