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GASP! New Audio Was Released Where MJ Says He'll Refuse To Play On The Dream Team If Isiah Thomas Is On The Roster

Uh, yeah, no shit. Nobody actually believed Jordan during The Last Dance when he said that rumor of him blackballing Isiah from the Dream Team wasn't true. It was a half lie. He just left out the part where he said he wouldn't play if Isiah was on the roster. Seemed like a no-brainer for Rod Thorn. Take prime MJ and the rest of the crew who all liked each other and go kick the worlds ass. 

This is all lost audio which has been released The Dream Tapes podcast - all about the Dream Team obviously. But no one actually had to hear this audio to know the full story. Again, we knew it. Just hilarious to hear it a few weeks after MJ said this wasn't actually true and we had to listen to Isiah Thomas talk about not being on the team and yada yada yada.  

I said it when The Last Dance ended and it was discussed during the entire show, everyone knew to take the whole thing with a bit of a grain of salt. Jordan had creative control of the process. Do you really think he was going to put all the shit out there to make him look like a gigantic asshole? No, that's why we didn't really learn anything new. He touched on the Republicans buy shoes too comment and that was really the only true in depth thing he gave us. Even the Scott Burrell and being mean to teammates shit, that was all known. We know MJ is a competitive dude that would do anything to win. 

This whole thing is just hilarious. Does anyone give a shit? Yes, we all know Isiah Thomas is an all-time NBA player. He's also a fucking dickhead that ruined the Knicks. We're talking about the Dream Team. You know what happens if that doesn't have MJ? Yeah, they win gold. But they aren't nearly as revered as they were and still are. It was the fact you had the 3 guys that carried the NBA to a new level in MJ, Bird and Magic. Yes, Isiah won a couple titles but he was always the fourth guy in that group. Those three don't want him, he's not on the roster. 

And yeah MJ lied. Of course he fucking lied during the doc. It was his documentary he was going to do with it as he wants. I do love that this feels like a 'gotcha' release though. Feels like an FBI wire tapping. Either way, yeah no shit MJ didn't want to play with Isiah.