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Wake Up With Some Vintage Blake Griffin

Maybe you're a little depressed to be going back to work after a luxurious and relaxing MDW weekend and are in need of a pick me up. You know what works for me? Watching Blake Griffin do cool shit on the basketball court. Much more than just a Blake Of The Year winner, Blake Griffin is one of the most exciting players the league has when his body isn't falling apart. I'd say when he's 100% healthy we see Blake play at a top 5 MVP level, and what's been cool to see over the years is how he's transitioned into being so much more than just a dunker. 

I'd say since the 2016 season we've seen him develop a whole lot as a shooter, especially from deep and off the dribble. In the 2018-19 season he made 2.5 a night on 36% shooting and took 522 threes. To put that into perspective, he shot just 455 in 8 seasons as a Clipper. When he's right, I'm not sure how you guard him because he still has his athleticism but now he's a much more well rounded player. He's essentially a walking 25/7/5 with an AST% that flirts with 30%. Sure his talents are maybe being wasted in DET, but that wasn't his fault. 


Not only that, but he's one of the best guests in PMT history in my opinion. 

Impossible to not love Blake Griffin. Hopefully he's 100% healthy next season because the man is an absolute problem.