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This Is Still The GOAT Scene In Movie History

Felt like waking up with what, for my money, is the greatest scene in movie history. I haven't watched Good Will Hunting in a minute, and by minute I mean probably 2-3 months which is a LONG time for me, and this scene popped into my head today. Sean just floors Will here. Really makes him think about what a deadbeat he really is. I think it's what they call a "breakthrough" in the psychology biz.

Oh and this pisses me off: 

Seems like Affleck has always gotten shit for not actually writing Good Will Hunting. I don't know how involved he was in the whole process of writing it but I don't care. He left his mark on the movie every bit as much as Damon did and deserves his prop. This is the 2nd best monologue in the movie: 

Don't tell me Ben Affleck can't act. He can. He's just got a few really bad stinkers out there. Nevertheless, go watch Good Will Hunting soon. Doesn't matter if it'll be your first time or 100th time, you won't regret it.