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Notary That Signed Will of Carole Baskin's Husband Doesn't Remember It

Fox News — As viewers of the hit Netflix documentary series "Tiger King" know, Joe Exotic, aka Joseph Maldonado-Passage, pointed the finger at Baskin for playing a role in her husband's 1997 disappearance. He was ultimately presumed dead.

Baskin has never been charged with any crime and released a statement refuting the accusations made in the series. Now, notary Sandra Wittkopp, whose signature can be found on Lewis' will leaving control of the dead millionaire's assets to Baskin, says she doesn't remember ever signing it.

"I don't remember a will at all," Wittkopp told the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting. "I was the housekeeper."

It is truly mind-boggling to me that Carole Baskin is still hawking her tiger propaganda from her private zoo instead of being behind bars for the murder of her ex-husband. How in the world is this woman still roaming the streets?

I wouldn't expect a normal notary to remember every will she signed in 1997, but, "I don't remember the will at all. I was the housekeeper," is a pretty interesting quote to come from the person who obviously knew Baskin and her husband and supposedly signed his will.

Meanwhile, in a new episode of Fox Nation's "Crime Stories," former prosecutor Nancy Grace spoke to handwriting expert Thomas Vastrick, who told her the signature on the documents giving Baskin the ability to take control of Lewis' assets were highly suspicious.

"In conducting the examination of the durable family power of attorney and the will, both of which were created on Nov. 21 in 1996, I was struck by the uncanny similarity between each set of signatures ... the two witness signatures and the notary signatures," said Vastrick. " When I cross-compared each of those sets of signatures, they were just ridiculously similar to each other."

If we can put Scott Peterson in prison based off purely circumstantial evidence, we can sure as hell do the same to Carole Baskin. I mean, we're talking about a woman who has probably the best body disposal tool in the world in her backyard and said if you wanted tigers to consume a human body, you'd need to put sardine oil all over it. HELLO?!

And the notary's signature is supposedly "ridiculously similar" to those of the witnesses? What are we even doing here? She has to have something on the police department or something. I don't know what's going on here, but I know it runs deep.