Today’s Token CEO Made Me Damn Thankful To Work With The Zero Blog Thirty Crew

It goes without saying (but I guess here I am saying it still) that today is a heavy day for many. Everyone knows or knows of someone who has lost their life in the line of duty. I never got to meet my grandfather, as he died of cancer from agent orange in Vietnam. Every single person has their own similar story of those we loved or could have loved being lost, and today is a day to honor them.

Listening to the Zero Blog Thirty crew, Chaps, Kate and Cons, speaking to members of the Air Force and veterans on today’s episode of Token CEO made me incredibly thankful to work with all of them. Not only are these three able to tackle the heaviest of topics, but they do so while putting a smile on the face of every listener, which is a remarkable achievement.

In the beginning of their chat, Chaps said “They trust us because they laugh with us” explaining the connection they have been able to build to their audience through a combination of humor, but also honesty. Trust does not come easy to most, but they have it and they’ve earned it, and that is no accident.

I know it is ridiculous to say that I am proud to work at Barstool every day since I technically only started working, but here I am doing just that. I am especially proud today to work alongside the Zero Blog 30 crew and the platform that allows them to build these connections and do such work.

I could sing the praises of these three all day, but today is not about me, so what I strongly recommend you all do is listen to this episode and learn how to build that trust and be better off for it. 

Listen to today’s episode here: