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It's Great to be... A Tennessee Volunteer! Coach Duggs leads Vols to First Win in Gainesville Since 2003 in Dramatic Fashion


That term may be overused a bit, but you can't argue about it here. This was the craziest game in the Coach Duggs era, and there's literally no other game that comes close.

Your final in The Swamp: Tennessee 45, Florida 42.

The final few minutes of this game were nothing short of BANANAS!

Tennessee was in the driver's seat with more than one minute to go, up by 10 points as the Gators hung on by a thread. But the home team then chipped away to make it a three-point game.

And then, this game turned upside down. A hometown bounce on the onside kick, and with 90,000+ decked out in Orange and Blue behind them, the Gators had life. And plenty of it.

Throughout the majority of the game, the Volunteer defense, specifically the secondary, did Coach Duggs absolutely no favors. And that continued to be the case when it mattered most.

So, the Gators led by four, as all the fans were getting ready to celebrate and head to Fats and Cantina (RIP) to cement a legendary night.

But JoJo Smalls said: Not. So. Fast.

Feels like a good time to bring up his 108-yard return TO THE HOUSE from earlier in the game, too...

Back to that first return, though. Smalls had what was probably the best single game non-QB performance from a Coach Duggs player EVER. He left the game, but Coach Duggs alerted everyone he should be good to go tomorrow.

With nine seconds left and the Vols inside the five yard line, it's the next man up mindset for Tennessee.

Enter Rico Burgerton.

Back and forth! Back and forth! Back and forth! Unreal! But the Gators still had one more shot to pull this one off. Drumroll...

Zeroes across the board! Exhale, Vol Nation! Exhale, Duggs Nation! Tennessee has won in Gainesville for the first time since 2003! Just amazing stuff all around. 

It's a very quick turnaround for for Coach Duggs, as he and his team are now off to the place where it all began for a 3 PM kickoff tomorrow: Toledo, Ohio.

Coach Duggs gets to see his wife and kids. Coach Duggs gets to sleep in his own bed. Coach Duggs and the Volunteers are on top of the world right now.