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Wake Up With Barry Bonds Hitting The Spin Cycle After A Bomb

Barry Bonds is one of the only guys who could get away with doing something like this. Bonds gets a BP fastball from Chan Ho Park and decides to deposit it into the seats for a souvenir. Not a big deal, he only did that 762 times in his career. Now he didn't spin around like this after every homer, but I wish he did. This is one of those no doubt bombs right off the bat. He knew it, you knew it, Chan Ho Park knew it, we all did. He really didn't showboat that much when you think about it, but for whatever reason, Mr. Bonds wanted to admire this one, probably because it was against LA. I love the little march he does right when he hits it, drops the bat, and boom, the twirl. Say what you want about him, but if there is one guy who should have been allowed to do stuff like this, it was Barry.