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Rone & More Guests Are Doing An AMA In The FREE #RoughNRowdy YT Chat Starting At 9 PM... Come Join In To Ask Anything In Between The KO's And CHAOS!


ICYMI not only are we doing a FREE broadcast of RnR tonight at 9 PM but we'll also be having some of our finest team members & fighters dropping in the chat throughout the night. 

Adam Ferrone has worn many flat hats in his career, from Battle Rap CHAMPION, to Storm Chaser, to Voodoo Doll expert, to West Virginia investigative reporter...

...And for the past 3 years he's also made up 1/2 of the #1 PPV sideline reporter team at every Rough N Rowdy along with UT's #1 QB Caleb Pressley...

Rone will be in our broadcast chat starting at 9 PM tonight answering any questions you have about this RnR, other RnR's, Barstool stuff, battle rap stories and anything in between. 

We'll also have some other guests coming in throughout the night including 1 of our fighters from this broadcast's main event Tune in right here and get ready to enjoy some absurdly stupid fun for a few hours!