Weekend Wake Up: The Air Band From "Scrubs" Greatest Hits

I don't think Scrubs ever really got the attention and love that it deserves. A really good cast with some fantastic episodes and it was the perfect amount of comedy mixed in with some seriousness. Dr. Cox is one of my favorite characters in any TV show ever, one of the biggest pricks you'll ever see. The Janitor is another well done character, if you've seen the show, you know what I mean. The bromance with JD and Turk is one for the ages too. Then you mix in the other characters, Ted (RIP), Carla, Jordan, THE TODD, and all the others, what a show. Easily my favorite running jokes are the music scenes. The air band in general was always hilarious too. Turk being the Fortnite dance is such a great touch too, guy should have raked in the money for that one. Regardless, their cover of "More Than A Feeling" is probably my favorite, easily one of the best clips from the show. Highly recommend checking the show out if you haven't seen it, you're missing out for sure.