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A Brief Daddy Summary For People That Don't Have Enough Time For The Whole Thing

With Father's Day officially being less than a month away and my Twitter timeline being flooded with the word daddy along with pictures of the nice young lady in that thumbnail who I'm sure has a daddy, I thought now was the perfect time to talk about what being a daddy is like for me. 

I have been a daddy for more than 5 years, so I think I am starting to get a grip on the entire situation. Being a daddy is the best thing in the world. It's also the worst thing in the world. It's also the most rewarding thing in the world. It's also the most frustrating thing in the world. There's crazy highs, crazier lows, and moments that you aren't sure even happened because your brain is pretty much fried for every moment after your kid is born. It's essentially nonstop chaos that is somehow all worth it when you get a smile or a snuggle or a laugh or a look or they do something well that makes you proud. You worry nonstop day and night that something bad may happen to them, like they get hurt or get awfulllll career advice from someone. But at the end of it all, you THANK GOD your kids are in your life. 

If I could sum it up succinctly, being a daddy is the absolute best when it's not the worst. So there's your brief daddy recap for people that don't have time to raise a child. 

This movie fucking rules btw. If you are a daddy or a mommy or just a person that likes movies, watch Moana ASAP if you haven't already

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